Design your Ultimate Lifestyle – Creating Passive Income Streams

A successful business is always the one which has a meticulously laid out plan, studying each aspect in great detail. How to meet the work in hand, what resources is needed to achieve it, how can the business be expanded, how to minimize the risks, increase the profits, ensure less losses in order to gain constant source of income.


As a home base business owner, the basic financial queries is how to generate constant source of income. Would this income promise to multiply in figures in time to come? Etc. This begins with having a plan.

 This article is all about focusing on gaining constant source of income

Creating a passive income streams is very important. If your business is dependent on continuously working without pause or interruption: then you are limiting your income potential which could otherwise be made to increase manifold with each passing day.

What is Passive Income?

Passive income is an income received on a regular basis, with little effort required to maintain it. It is closely related to the concept of “unearned income Wikipedia.

 It is are an elixir to creating a lifestyle business, It provides ways to achieve financial freedom and stability by working less and making money even in your leisure time. These are incomes that are generated round the clock, irrespective of what you are doing in the given time slot. One can be sound asleep, or out on a family vacation and still passive income streams would continue to bring in incomes to your business, boosting the sales that require little inputs from your side. It’s all about earning more by working less.

How can passive income be generated?

What skills do you have? Drill your mind and find out the knowledge sharing you do in your everyday life, consciously or unconsciously.

Use different ways to deliver the same guidance on a platform which has a bigger ambit using less of your energies.

You can record a training sessions and provide it online to train smart beginners. Bullet points of the do’s and don’ts in the internet marketing world can be expressed in the form of a article or a presentation assessible to your audience. You can use videos, eBooks, articles, presentations with catchy pictorial representations simplifying the concepts for a common layman.

In short focus should be laid on the smart usage of all those potentials that you are using currently and might refer to again in times to come. Preserve them and undertake steps to realize the same so as to reap maximum benefits from a particular set of actions.  Also if I may add, a crucial point in all this is also to create the solutions to the problems of your clients so that it’s easy for them to buy it having zero amount of regret in doing so.

For those seeking to make fast money and can’t think of anything to share, hop on over to  Basically you can offer to do any type of service here such as impersonating celebrities, doing web services or video, to sharing your best cupcake recipes.

Check out the gigs that are getting a ton of feedback. It’s just like any other type of marketing.  Find out what is ALREADY selling, produce a better mousetrap for it, and get it in front of a buying audience.audience. Fiverr pulls out their $1 so you end up with somewhere around $3.90 for each gig. You wouldn’t want to get stuck there permanently, but this is about what to do when you’re desperate to make quick buck!

By all that is holy, DON’T trap yourself into Fiverr Frustration. It’s inevitable.  You’ll eventually get tired of working for peanuts.

My focus creating income streams is on helping clients and customers earn more, work less, and enjoy life online!

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To Your Success

Lucy Bieri